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Lucia Graves has performed literary translation for twenty five years, publishing over thirty volumes, mostly from English into Spanish or Catalan and also translating works into English, including The Columbus Papers. A Woman Unknown is her first original work, followed by The Memory House, a novel, first published in Spanish as La Casa de la Memoria. Her latest translation, The Shadow of the Wind by Spanish writer Ruiz Zafón, is an internationally acclaimed bestseller.

Featured Books:

The Shadow of the Wind, by Ruiz Zafón, translation by Lucia Graves

A Woman Unknown, by Lucia Graves

The Memory House, by Lucia Graves

Hester Velmans is well known for her translations from Dutch into English of works by Renate Dorrestein, Lulu Wang, Isabel Hoving, and Jacqueline van Maarsen. Velmans was awarded the Vondel Prize for Translation for Renate Dorrestein's A Heart of Stone and her translation from French into English of Bernard du Bucheron's award-winning The Voyage of the Short Serpent has attracted great attention. Velmans' first sole creation, Isabel of the Whales, is a book written for children with the idea of empowering young girls and boys to influence the natural world. It is followed by Jessaloup's Song which reunites the two principal characters in a second ecological fantasy adventure.

Featured Books:

Jessaloup's Song, by Hester Velmans

Isabel of the Whales, by Hester Velmans

The Voyage of the Short Serpent by Bernard du Bucheron,
  translation by Hester Velmans

The Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving, translation by Hester Velmans

The Lily Theater, by Lulu Wang, translation by Hester Velmans

A Heart of Stone, by Renate Dorrestein, translation by Hester Velmans

Andre Frieden draws his unique talent from a background as an attorney, a molecular biologist, an adjunct professor, a pilot and an army marksman. With two more novels soon to be published, Andre Frieden is set to become a well-known author of popular fiction. Born in Senegal, Andre is Swiss and Brazilian, and has lived in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America.

Featured Books:

Tranquility Denied, by Andre Frieden

Canvas Sunsets Never Fade, by Andre Frieden

Lynette Xiaojing Shi is a translator and interpreter with 30 years experience teaching at the University of Hawaii and the Monterey Institute of International Studies, where she is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation. In addition to her work as a translator at the Unted Nations, Lynette has translated the classic Chinese novel Camel Xiangzi and has consulted on Chinese-English dictionaries published in China. She also performs translations for many private and public organizations.

Featured Books:

Camel Xiangzi, by Lao She, translation by Lynette Sze (Xiaojing Shi)

Introduction to Chinese-English Translation, by Lynette Sze (Xiaojing Shi) and Zinan Ye

Roger Boylan's roots are in Ireland and the New York area. After attending the University of Ulster and the University of Edinburgh, he worked as a translator, computer technician, teacher, and book editor. His stories and articles have appeared in various journals, including The Literary Review, The Recorder, and The Austin American-Statesman, and he is a regular contributor to Boston Review's New Fiction Forum.

Featured Books:

Killoyle, An Irish Farce, by Roger Boylan

The Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad, by Roger Boylan

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