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As a physician and author, Dr. Neel Burton emphasizes important areas of medical science that address the very essence of what it is to be human. His acclaimed book, Psychiatry emphasizes values-based practices that form an important part of medical training, where doctors require an understanding of their own psychological, cultural, and spiritual assumptions in order to practice in a multicultural society.

Featured Books:

Psychiatry, by Neel Burton

Plato's Shadow: A Primer on Plato, by Neel Burton

The Art of Failure: The Anti Self-Help Guide, by Neel Burton

The Meaning of Madness, by Neel Burton

Master your Mind, by Neel Burton

Clinical Skills for OSCEs, by Neel Burton

Jim Handy is a principal semiconductor industry analyst for flash memory. He is a frequent lecturer and writer on the subject of cache memory design and is a patent holder in the cache design field. His books on cache memory design are written in an accessible, informal style, and are useful references for microprocessor system designers who are unaware of the workings of caches, as well as for those who already understand basic cache concepts.

Featured Books:

The Cache Memory Book, by Jim Handy

From the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow, Neil Clark brings dinosaurs back to life for the young and old alike. Neil has also written material on the subject of dinosaurs for the Encarta Encyclopedia and the Dorling Kindersley Millennium Encyclopedia. Other books by Neil Clark include: A Look Inside Dinosaurs with the Readers Digest and The Dorling Kindersley Pocket Book of Dinosaurs.

Featured Books:

1001 Facts About Dinosaurs, by Neil Clark

Pocket Book of Dinosaurs, by Neil Clark

The author of numerous books on the history of patents, Stephen Van Dulken is an expert curator in the Patents Information Service of The British Library. Inventing the 19th Century, chronicles the remarkable technological achievements of the Victorian Age while Inventing the 20th Century (with Andrew Phillips), highlights 100 inventions from the past century. Stephen van Dulken guides researchers to use patents as a source of historical information for the development of science and technology.

Featured Books:

Inventing the 19th Century, by Stephen van Dulken

Inventing the 20th Century, by Stephen van Dulken

American Inventions, by Stephen van Dulken

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