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The Cache Memory Book
by Jim Handy

The Cache Memory Book introduces systems designers to the concepts behind cache design, leading readers through some of the most intricate protocols used in complex multiprocessor cache memory. Now in its second edition, The Cache Memory Book demystifies cache memory design by translating cache concepts and jargon into practical methodologies and real-life examples. It is written in an an accessible, informal style, and is a useful reference for microprocessor system designers, unaware of the workings of caches, as well as for those who know basic cache concepts but are unfamiliar with the more exotic techniques.

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About the Author

Jim Handy is a principal semiconductor industry analyst for flash memory. He is a frequent lecturer and writer on the subject of cache memory design and is a patent holder in the cache design field. His books on cache memory design are written in an accessible, informal style, and are useful references for microprocessor system designers who are unaware of the workings of caches, as well as for those who already understand basic cache concepts.

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The Cache Memory Book

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The Cache Memory Book

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