Science & Technology

Inventing the 19th Century
by Stephen van Dulken

Inventing the 19th Century chronicles the remarkable technological achievements of the Victorian Age, a period of great progress in the fields of communications, transport and many other areas of life. This progress is revealed decade by decade with such ground-breaking inventions as aspirin, dynamite, the telephone, dishwashers, electric light bulbs, gramophones, motion picture cameras, radios, roller skates, and typewriters. The book is illustrated with the original patent drawings from The British Library's extensive collection. It is a fascinating, illustrative window on to the Victorian Age.

While fun to read, this book also challenges the reader and inspires thought about the impact of technology on our common future. Inventing the 19th Century reveals how many of the most basic aspects of our material existence have been revolutionized through these objects.

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About the Author

The author of numerous books on the history of patents, Stephen Van Dulken is an expert curator in the Patents Information Service of The British Library. Inventing the 19th Century, chronicles the remarkable technological achievements of the Victorian Age while Inventing the 20th Century (with Andrew Phillips), highlights 100 inventions from the past century. Stephen van Dulken guides researchers to use patents as a source of historical information for the development of science and technology.

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