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Issues shaping the world of the international executive


Currency Risk Management

A pragmatic assessment of financial issues covering world-wide operations.

Global Markets

Is market efficiency a myth in world trade?


The World At A Glance

Current news and events from leading sources on the international economy
highlighting climate change, economic development, world business, and employment opportunities in international development.


Regulators Eye Hedge Fund
Impact in Energy Trading

Darrell Delamaide examines the influence on energy prices.

Can Iraq Escape the Resource Curse

Ben Lando explores how Iraq might overtake Saudi Arabia in oil production.


The Economics of Privatizing and
Deregulating the Nigerian Downstream Oil Sector

Ifiok Ibanga looks ahead at the implications of privatization and price deregulation


Le consultant et l'entreprise cliente:
des responsabilités partagées

Nicolas Chauvet partage avec nous ce discours sur le rôle du consultant à propos du changement économique et la transformation de l'entreprise.

Fallen Tigers

Valore responds to questions from the International Risk Management Magazine covering the 1997 financial crisis in Asia.


Strategic Corporate Expansion

Guest authors Vivek Singh and Simerjeet Chawla explore the causes and effects of industrial expansion on a global scale.


The Growth Spiral

Notes towards a commitment to sustainable development.

A Multilateral Strategy

A view from America:
Cultural imperialism transforms into constructive partnership.


Featured World Authors

Book reviews of work by accomplished international authors.



Selected links to excellence on the world-wide web.


Places we connect across the internet.


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