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Sitemaps are very effective for search engine optimization. They inform search engines about the web pages to include in your site's search results, while also providing useful information for web site management.

The onSite toolset is designed to:

This toolset implements standards for sitemaps defined by sitemap.org. It is designed to work independently or in conjunction with the widely used google-sitemap_gen sitemap generator, by combining a highly-configurable command line process with a web browser user interface.

As an open source software project, onSite implements components of the DOM architecture, with added JavaScript and Ajax functionality to interact with the web browser user interface and with object-oriented PHP processes on the web server. This enables the server administrator to access the sitemap tool directly through the server or remotely via the web interface.

The onSite toolset operates without a relational database through command-line scripts that generate data files relating to the web server content to be included in your sitemap. The command-line feature is designed to support multiple sitemap configurations as well as the ability to customize the server installation of the toolset itself. Data files and sitemaps can be generated automatically by placing the command-line processes in the server crontab.

Best of all, it is written in open-source software languages for easy adaptation to your specific server environment. For a tour of the onSite toolset, visit the online demo and the screenshots page.

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UNIX / FreeBSD / Linux Web Server - PHP 4.3

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