75th Anniversary Geneva World Reunion

La Réunion Mondiale des Anciens

June 17-20 1999

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Check out these newspaper articles about the reunion:

   Tribune de Geneve - June 15, 1999, Article by André Allemand

   The Age - Melbourne Friday 4 June 1999, Article by Alex Buzo (1962)

   The Sun - Toronto June 25, 1999, Column by Eric Margolis (1961)

More than 450 images of the World Reunion are presented in the photo album. They are organized by day and by event, and displayed in general chronological order.

To view the album, please select your preferred screen resolution:

   800x600 or higher resolution

   640x480 resolution

A new window will open for the album presentation. There are some very nice images in all sections of the album, so explore every avenue for the unexpected surprise!

To navigate the album, select from the thumbnail images on the right-hand side of the new window. A navigation bar in the lower-right can also be used to advance through the days and events, and to close the album. Links to other events are also available by scrolling to the end of the thumbnail images.

Due to very high bandwidth requirements, the album is hosted on a separate development server which may be difficult to reach during certain periods of the day. If you experience a bad connection, please try again later. For the best viewing conditions, a high-speed modem or a direct internet connection is recommended.

Photographs and digital images by:

   Tom Wilson,
   Riva Freifeld,
   Jean Harvey Brasser,
   Margo Malakoff,
   Richard McMullen,
   Eric Anthony,
   Ian Prince,
   Ron Miller,
   Jenny Samuel.

Thanks also to Luanne Samuel and the Ecolint systems group for providing camera and computer facilities during the reunion.

While viewing the photo album, a few selections of music are available for your enjoyment:

Le Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel.
   Midi sequence by permission from: Reinhold Behringer.

Sonata in D for two Pianos, K.448 by Mozart:
   Allegro con spirito
   Allegro molto
   Midi sequences by permission from: Hansjakob Heldstab.

QuickTime video clips of the World Reunion are available by following this link.

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