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The International School of Geneva was founded in 1924 with three teachers and eight pupils of different nationalities. During the ensuing 80 years, it has grown to more than 3,000 students on three campuses. Ecolint is the children, coming from all over the world, in even greater numbers, seeking an education, yes, but finding also understanding and openness of spirit, tolerance and warmth.

The International School strives to develop among its pupils an international spirit, a feeling of mutual comprehension which goes beyond nationalities and races. It awakens their interest in international relations and their understanding of different civilizations. Each pupil learns to respect the ideas, customs and cultural background of his fellow pupils.

Ecolint is, more than all else, the expression of man's faith in man and the future in a more united world. The International School is more than a dream of the future - it corresponds to a real need of our present-day world, as is evidenced by the numerous schools which have modelled themselves on ours.

Ecolint is the host of 10,000 former pupils, dispersed throughout all the continents, who will never forget the enriching experience of their days in Geneva.

This site is made available by an alumnus to foster communication among former students, teachers and friends of the International School of Geneva, Switzerland.

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