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Pocket Book of Dinosaurs
by Neil Clark

The Pocket Book of Dinosaurs is a handy reference guide with full illustrations and pictures both of actual fossils, skeletons, and modern science reproductions of dinosaurs. It answers many questions about specific types of dinosaurs, their anatomy, and modern discoveries in the field. The pocket volume also include resource and pronunciation guides, a glossary, together with a complete index. Dinosaurs are a huge subject, and the handy reference guide contains volumes of information on all things relating to dinosaurs and the world they inhabited. The book is beautifully illustrated with drawings, fossils, skeletons, and realistic models. Silhouette comparisons between the dinosaurs and a modern human add perspective to these enormous reptiles. While there is still much to be discovered about these prehistoric creatures, this is a great book for a well-rounded general knowledge of dinosaurs.

The Pocket Book of Dinosaurs will delight dinosaur devotees. Younger children who are amazed by dinosaurs will enjoy this with some help, and those older than 10 years will absorb all of the facts by themselves. It is well organized, with sections covering different types of dinosaurs and other sea and air animals. Readers are introduced to the field of dinosaur research, their anatomy, the first dinosaurs, and their eventual extinction. The reference section offers the names and addresses of many dinosaur museums and sites along with the invaluable pronunciation guide.

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