Richard McMullen

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Experience:25 years in Information Technology

Education:MBA International Finance

Roles:Internet Engineering, eCommerce, Professional Services

Technology executive directly involved in the development of business systems and electronic commerce applications, combining both technical and business development skills in leading-edge environments. My experience with technology development covers most of the web services and software industries with recent engagements at leading technology companies and start-up ventures.

The scope of these engagements covers:

These engagements represent the management of significant resource commitments and the coordination of a large number of participants. With university and post-graduate degrees in international economics and finance, my approach is to design and deploy applications that meet the needs of the customer, streamline the system operations, and enhance the investment in time and resources.

Please drop me a line if this background is consistent with your requirements.

Current Information Technology:

Platforms:UNIX, Linux, LAMP, Windows Server, iOS, Android

Languages:C, C++, Shell, Java, Perl, PHP, Python

Databases:mySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, OODB, MongoDB

Network:Apache, Nginx, NodeJS, TCP/IP, smtp, snmp

Web:HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, SEO

Electronic Commerce · Interactive Applications · Enterprise/Distributed Platforms

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