Peter Zohrab

Sex, Lies & Feminism



If you think the title is provocative, wait until you see the contents !

Peter Douglas Zohrab was a co-founder of MERA (New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association) Inc., and the creator of the Usenet newsgroup "alt.mens-rights". He was also the Men's Rights Expert on and the creator of the Men's Rights sections of the Open Directory and He has built and managed several Men's Rights websites.

He has published on Men's/Fathers' Rights, Linguistics, Language-Teaching, and Virtual Reality.

Some quotes:

"For the most privileged and pampered women in human history to pretend to be a victimised minority, social pressures have to be applied with blind, religious fervour.... Peter Zohrab shows with devastating clarity and thoroughness that ... misandry (man-hatred) is no basis for a just and fair society." Max Aston, Treasurer, MERA, Inc.

A man is the victim of domestic violence every 14 seconds. (from the same Journal of Marriage and Family article which Feminists used to say that a woman is the victim of domestic violence every 15 seconds -- cited in Male View magazine October/December 1997, pp. 21-22.)

According to crackpot Feminist logic on domestic violence, America should be punished for the World Trade Center murders, because America is stronger than Bin Laden!

"A Feminist Uses Statistics Like a Fish Uses a Bicycle". Cover-story by Christina Hoff Sommers in the National Review, June 27, 1994.

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Sex, Lies & Feminism